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Business and Mindset Growth for Entrepreneurs who want the most out of their biz and their life!

"Master Your Mindset and You Master Your Life!"

-Amanda Rose

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Meet Amanda

Amanda Rose is the CEO and founder of The Infinite Power of You INC., Co-Founder of No BS Biz Co. Ltd., a Business, Wealth and Mindset Coach, Multi-Published Multi-Genre Author, Motivational Speaker, Course Creator, and Actor. Her corporation serves entrepreneurs worldwide, with her unique approach that focuses on understanding each client’s individual strengths and guiding them in building their own methodology, rather than attempting to get them to adapt to a specific mold.

Amanda has been a sales expert for over a decade, having experience in door-to-door sales, retail, live sales presentation, network marketing, and online product and service sales, which allows her to bring extensive insight to her clients. Amanda has been featured in many publications and news articles for her work, including FOX, CBS, Yahoo! Finance, and NBC, and was recently recognized with the BRAINZ Global 500 Award and the CREA 2021 Award. Amanda passionately works to help entrepreneurs succeed through her Corporation as well as within her Facebook Community.


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Empowered Living

I works with my clients to create sustainable wealth and success that gives them the time and freedom to live the life they've always wanted.

By focusing on developing the mind, I guide my clients through the habits and techniques for mindset mastery.

"Master Your Mindset and You Master Your Life"

-Amanda Rose

Going after your dreams takes a whole lot of courage and inner growth. Success starts in your mind.

When you have not only the tools but also the mindset to create your dreams, you become unstoppable.


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You Are Infinite

It's Time to Step Into Your Power




What's the secret to success?

It all boils down to your habits!

The most successful entrepreneurs have rock-solid habits that give them the mindset they need to be ultra-successful in their field!

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