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Interview with Kim Argetsinger

About Kim:

Kim Argetsinger is a mindset coach and business mentor with a mission to help you create your version of success and make more money doing what you love. She helps heart-centered, passion-driven (service-based) entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches build, grow, and scale a business they’re wildly in love with that also makes them bank. Kim’s been around the coaching block, has built her own six-figure business her way with consistent 5-figure cash months, and has helped her clients create their own record-breaking income months (from their first sale ever, to $5k, $10k, $20k, and even $100k months).


What kind of work do you do?


I’m a mindset coach and business mentor, and my work is focused on the magic that happens inside a 1:1 container. I LOVE my clients and business (I legit cry happy tears on the regular, lol). I specifically support my clients with the clarity, mindset, strategy, and action that creates business success and help them build a profitable business their way (no plug-and-play formulas here). Together, we work to help them get (and stay) out of their own way and create a personalized, SIMPLE strategy (messaging, marketing, and sales) so that they can take consistent, aligned action and make more money doing what they love.

What inspired you to get started as an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart! It runs in my family, my dad was a race car driver and then had a very successful coaching business for over 25 years. And, both of my grandfather’s had entrepreneurial endeavours.

I joke I had my first business as a kid when I set up a ‘post office’ at my grandparents’ house. I made stationary, envelopes, and even my own stamps that I sold to my family and hand-delivered their letters. Later, I had a ‘movie theater’ at our house, where you could buy an upgraded ticket that included popcorn. Then, there was a babysitter’s club (do you remember those books?). So funny to think back on.

The entrepreneurial bug prompted me to graduate college early to move to LA and pursue a career in acting for a decade. As an actor, you’re essentially the CEO of a small business! That same entrepreneurial itch led me to finding my passion for coaching, my love for business, and turn, my life’s work and building my business.

I’ll add, I haven’t *always* worked for myself. I worked in a bar for a decade as an actress (where my love of service and sales started!). And, in between my life as an actress and the business I now run, I spent a short stint working in a ‘real job’ in  advertising here in NYC on the agent and sales side. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity that ‘real’ office job gave me, and I found out quickly, I’m cut from the entrepreneurial-cloth and function better running my own show. A tearful subway ride home one night after a work event was the spark for starting my own business.

What was your biggest struggle to get things going for your online business?

Mindset. I’ll preach mindset all day long because I believe it’s the determining factor for all our success. I love the power of strategy and a little healthy hustle, but without a solid, CEO mindset, strategy and hustle can only get you so far. Every hurdle and struggle I had starting my online business was rooted in mindset. 

If you take a look at the strategy I was using at the start of my business and what I’m doing now, not all that much has changed. I’ve absolutely refined things over time (that’s the power of data and time), but what’s taken me off the struggle bus has been investing in support and doing the work on my brain to be able to show up, take up space like a boss, and own my work online.

Was there a time you thought about giving up? What kept you from quitting?

There were PLENTY of times I was frustrated, but I’ve never considered quitting. When I decided to start this business, I decided I was in it until it worked, however long that took. 

I knew this was the work I wanted to commit my life to, and decided there’s no quitting even if it feels challenging or hard. Thankfully, I had the gift of practicing persistence for  ten years while acting and am well-versed in the art of rejection because I definitely wasn’t an overnight success ;).

Grit is one of my favorite words, and I sincerely believe grit (a la Angela Duckworth’s definition of the persistence towards a long-term goal) is an essential ingredient to success.

What have you learned since beginning?

How much space do I get?! Let’s see if I can summarize this succinctly!


I’ve learned that mindset isn’t kinda, sorta a thing, it’s THE thing behind business success, making more money, and enjoying the ride. I’ve learned your business is the best personal development course you’ll ever take.

I’ve learned the best strategy is SIMPLE, and simple isn’t the same as easy. I’ve learned you can have crap strategy and a solid mindset and blow up online, and you can have the best strategy and a crap mindset and hear crickets. That being said, I love strategy and have learned it’s powerful when combined with the rocketfuel of mindset.

I’ve learned showing up matters, and it matters even more to take up space energetically. 

I’ve learned sales are magic and create transformation. I’ve learned sales can be heart-centered and part of bringing the heart is speaking your truth. I’ve learned if you want to sell more, sell more. And, I’ve learned if you’re not selling, there’s a very good chance it comes right back to that mindset. 

I’ve learned following-up more than feels comfortable will reward you, your clients, and your bank account. 

I’ve learned almost everything you want in business is on the other side of the uncomfortable action. 

I’ve learned over and over again the dichotomy of life and how this shows up in business. 

I’ve learned letting it be easy isn't always so easy, but it really does get to be easy. I’ve also learned the easier you allow it to be, the more success and money you make. This is a lesson I revisit regularly! I’ve learned, the better it gets, the better it gets. 

Oh, and I’ve learned success and making money comes with its own challenges and discomfort that no one tells you about.

I’ve learned you have to ask for and receive support if you want to grow. I’ve learned to invest before I feel ready, and to always make decisions from my next-level self. 

I’ve learned my sensitivity is my superpower, AND I’ve learned not to make business decisions based on personal emotion. I’ve learned to separate out my thoughts and needs from those of my business and clients and how powerful this is for business growth and success.

I’ve learned 90% (or more) of the time, what’s in between your two ears is your only limit. 

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

We lost my dad this year, so his words have been ringing even more true lately. He taught us, you can do anything you put your mind to, decide on, and show up for. My dad was a race car driver and professional driving coach, and he also always taught to keep your eyes focused on the road ahead and where we want the car to go. This is something as a driver that’s very important, and it absolutely applies to all of business and life!

What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Bet on yourself. Invest in yourself. And, start before you FEEL ready and embrace that fast, imperfect, aligned action. Then, rinse, refine, repeat. That will take you further than getting ready to get ready ever will. 


What’s the professional win you’re most proud of?

The record-breaking income months and helping clients scale to multiple six figures and  a million makes me happy, but what I’m most proud of is the personal transformation my clients make that allow them to make that money. I always say, it’s all about the money, and it’s not about the money at all. 


And, honestly, I think I’m my own best case study. I’ve done THE WORK, and I’m so proud of who I’ve become in the process, and that feels like the biggest professional and personal win and what it’s all about at the end of the day!!


Is there a book you’d recommend to help with success and personal development?

So many! 


I’m a big fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books. All of them, and particularly Evolve Your Brain and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


I also love The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer


For business, Adam Grant’s Originals: How Non-Conformists Rule the World  and Daniel H. Pink To Sell is Human.. I’ll stop there, but if anyone wants to talk books, I’m all about it!


Do you have a routine that you attest to your success? If yes, what is it?

Three routines contribute to my success:


I practice daily mindset work. This looks different every day, but it happens every day! 


I’m also very big on blocking off regular time to think, ideate, and create with no goal in mind. 

And, sweating it out. Running and spinning put me in my happy place. Aside from the endorphins, this is also some of my me-time, amps up my energy, and where I get most of my ideas. I’ve been known to write while running on the treadmill, lol. 


How has social media played a factor in your success?


It’s funny, I was scared to post on social media when I started my business (all mindset!). In fact, before I started my business, I had only made ONE post on social media to sell my furniture when I was moving from LA to NYC! But, social media has become such a valuable tool for me. I love it now,  and it’s how I connect, build relationships, and sell. The majority of my clients come from social media, and I love how it connects me with amazing people around the world. I’ve also connected with so many wonderful peers and new friends through social media, like you!


What are the biggest social media mistakes you see commonly made?


Hiding in plain sight and a lack of consistency.


By hiding in plain sight, I mean, showing up like it’s an item on a checklist instead of taking up space energetically and owning your work….watering down your message, shrinking your voice, saying what you think you’re supposed to or what feels safe, crowdsourcing opinions, only sharing what’s ‘allowed’, following the ‘rules’, and not selling enough or at all.


Consistency is magic, and I see a lot of inconsistency on social media. Consistency in frequency and consistency in messaging and your offer. Consistency creates trust with your people, and a lack of consistency breaks that trust that’s so important for selling!


What is the business tool that’s been most helpful?

#1 business tool = your brain. 


But, I’m guessing something else a little more practical would be helpful here, lol. Social media as a relationship-building and marketing tool has been insanely powerful. I owe my income to social media, and it’s mostly free. And, Basecamp as a tool to communicate with clients and create a container between calls has been a game-changer for my work. I’m not an affiliate, but I should be!


Is there something you wish everyone knew?

You’re more capable than you give yourself credit for. You have to BE it, the next-level version of yourself, before the results show up. And, it’s safe and OK to make a bet on yourself and invest in yourself. You get one shot (that we know of) at this life, make the shots YOU want, it truly is possible to create your version of success.


What’s coming up for you in the next few months?

Supporting my incredible clients and hopefully getting out of lockdown!


What has being successful taught you?


I think there’s a common belief that everything’s going to be different when you become successful. I’ve learned you become successful by first changing everything on the inside, so by the time the success catches up, it doesn’t actually feel all that different. 


What are some fun facts about you?

(I’m listing a bunch, take the ones you want!)


>I was born in England but lost my accent (I moved to the US when I was seven). 

>I live in downtown Manhattan but spent ten years in LA acting. 

>I’ve been in over a dozen commercials and once filmed a movie in South Africa on a game reserve. 

>My dad was a race car driver, which means I was lucky enough to learn to drive on a race track. 

>I'm a bonus mom (no evil step moms here!) to an amazing 9-year-old boy and fur-baby momma to a bengal cat.

>I listen to country and rap (and rap in a country song makes me SO happy). 

>I'm more than half Dutch and first generation on my mom's side. 

>I love pizza and have been known to eat an entire pie by myself. I have also ordered pizza as dessert. (I joke this is why I moved to NYC). 

>I can’t live without my morning coffee.

>I believe confidence + consistency creates magic (and the other two c's are coffee and champagne).


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